Venetia Stanley-Smith in Ohara, Kyoto

Venetia Stanley-Smith in Ohara, Kyoto
Venetia Stanley-Smith was born in England. She grew up in Jersey, the Channel Islands, Spain and Switzerland.

When she was 19 she travelled overland to India in order to discover the true purpose and meaning of what it is to be alive.

She met a young enlightend teacher called Prem Rawat, who was then twelve years old. She stayed at his ashram in Hardwar and listened to his discourses and was amazed by his clarity and insight. Through his techniques for finding serenity within, which he calls Knowledge, she began to discover the answers to her questions, lie within herself.

In 1971 she decided to travel onto Japan and arrived by boat in Kagoshima from Hongkong. After living in Tokyo and Okayama, she settled down in Kyoto.

1n 1978 she founded her English school Venetia International, where she is still teaching English and herbal workshops.

1n 1996 she and her husband Kajiyama Tadashi moved to Ohara a beautiful valley, twenty minutes drive from Kyoto.